How the bikes work
  • One way trips (no need to return to the hub you started at)
  • Your time only runs while you are using the bike
  • Lock at our hubs for free, or use the integrated lock at any other city infrastructure for a small convenience charge
  • You can pay as you go so it's there when you need it (your account is always active with no recurring charges)
  • Or pay monthly and get more ride time for less money
  • Available 24/7 throughout the service area (our bikes run when the buses don't)
Sign up to ride
  • Go to (memorize this address and tell your friends!)
  • You need: Valid McMaster student email, Valid Visa Debit or credit card
  • You will be issued a user number and will choose a pin
  • Unlock the bikes using the app, or the on-bike keypad
  • If you do not have a visa debit or credit card, we can help: call 289-768-2453
Bike Share on campus helps you whether you ride or not

"I own a bike and love my bike, I don't need bike share"

  • Taking bike share to campus relieves concerns about theft
  • If you don't take your bike one day and change your mind and want to ride later, you can still do so because of the one-way trip nature of the service

"I drive to school from far away, I will never ride a bike to school"

  • Once you park your car on campus, you can get around campus on a bike
  • If you want to go off campus during the day, you can take a bike and not have to deal with parking etc

"I take the bus every day, I don't need a bike"

  • You can use bikes to connect to the bus. Turn a multi-bus trip into a bike-bus-bike trip
  • Less walking to and from bus stops
  • Take a bike to a B-Line station and take the express instead of the normal bus

"I don't ride bikes, it's unsafe or I'm not comfortable"

  • SoBis are extremely stable and easy to ride
  • Many of our current riders never rode before and they now love it
  • The cost to try it out is extremely low, and there's no obligation to pay any more if you stop using it
  • Bike Share is an extremely safe activity: safer than driving, riding a private bike or even walking or showering!

In 2016, a referendum was presented to the student body for a universal SoBi pass

  • 4128 students voted
  • The propsal lost by 253 votes
  • The propsed deal was:
    • $15+hst for a full calendar year of access
    • 90 minutes of free ride time every day
    • Free credit of $15 included for use toward more ride time, locking outside of hubs and riding with friends
    • Lock at any bike rack on campus for free
    • Opt out option for people who can't or don't want to ride
Why did 2103 students vote "yes"?
Those who already ride SoBi
  • Wanted to get the whole year for the price of one month - plus the bonus features.
Those who drive to campus
  • Wanted to ride to and from Lot M
  • Wanted to use the bikes on campus and for going off campus for lunch
  • Wanted other people to ride so there would be more parking available for them
Those who take transit to Mac
  • Wanted to use bikes to connect to transit
  • Wanted to ride around campus and off campus during the day
  • Wanted other people to ride so there would be fewer people filling their buses
  • Wanted an option 24 hours a day, even when the HSR stops running
Why did anyone vote "no"?
Some knew they would never ride

But if they had voted yes, they could have opted out and still enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Other people riding will result in less congestion on buses
  • Other people riding results in fewer cars on campus (easier parking, less congestion)
  • Healthier air, healthier community
  • Better reputation for McMaster; increased value of everyone's degree
  • Taking the opt-out for themselves while still supporting a better price for others who need access
Some cannot use bikes due to accessibility concerns

SoBi Hamilton is actively working with users and other partners to deploy accessible alternatives to SoBi bikes; the universal pass relationship would have made this program stronger. Please contact us if you would like to become involved in our accessibilty program planning. Call 289-768-2453 or email

Some were already riders and didn't want there to be more people using the bikes

The universal pass would have resulted in almost $200,000 of investment into SoBi service on campus - meaning more bikes, more staff, more hubs and better access for all.

Log into the bike using the app or your user number. After you remove the Lock bar, press the menu button and follow the prompts as seen below: